Replacing tires for a car is routine maintenance, but choosing the right tires is not a trivial decision. How do you know when to replace them on your Honda?

Honda Technician and Tires?

Replacing Tires – Tread and Age

If your tires have insufficient tread, they will not grip the road properly, even under ideal conditions. You’ll have a worse performance during extreme conditions, like panic stops, or sharp cornering. Fortunately, there’s a simple test for judging proper tire tread. Place a quarter in the tread on your car’s tire; if the top of George Washington’s head shows, the tread is too shallow. Your tires need replacing. Additionally, older tires, even with low mileage, may need replacement, as tires deteriorate over time. If your tires are five years old, it’s time to consider replacements. If you see hairline cracks along the sides (sidewalls) of your tires, that’s an additional sign it’s time to get new tires.

Replacing Tires – Specifications

Your car’s tires have certain specifications; those are found in the code for your tires, either in the owner’s manual or on the doorjamb. A sample tire code is 220/50R14 98T. The “220” is the tire’s width in millimeters. The “50” means the tire is half as tall as it is wide. The “R” stands for radial, or how the tire is constructed. The “14” is the wheel size the tire fits. Finally, “98” is a code specifying load rating; the higher the number, the more weight the car’s tire can support. And, “T” is a speed rating; what’s the top speed a tire can take.

Take Home Lesson

Now that you know all this, the best rule of thumb is to only buy new tires that at least equal the specifications of the tires that came with the vehicle when new. If you want more information on tires, contact the Yuba City Honda Service Department at 888-665-4805.

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